hi there! I'm Belinda

my number one aim is for my clients to feel comfortable and at ease with me

I'm a New Zealand born, Perth based Kinesiologist who gets regular doses of gob-smack and ' What the?! ' witnessing the amazing transformation this modality facilitates in people’s lives. Whether it's helping with infertility, allergies, depression or potty training, the outcomes are always a positive step.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology and I'm always on the look out of how to refine my skills so my clients can gain the most from our sessions. 

I'm a mum to three, 2 girls and 1 boy so I know too well what a struggle it can be to keep your health and wellbeing in check. I have regular Kinesiology balances myself as my belief is how can I create forward movement and transformation in other peoples live if I don't have my own shit together? It's a life time journey for me however I am well and truly on the Growth Train. 

Emotional and mental health are close to my heart, having a number of my family living with mental health issues due to past traumas and abuse they have experienced.  I've seen first hand the huge changes that have evolved through regular kinesiology sessions. It's helped broken spirited people become whole again and stretched relationships have started to heal. 

Working with pregnant, new parents and practicing-to-be parents is also a joy, so much that I'm also the co-founder of Swell Retreats which specialises in Pregnancy and Fertility Retreats in Perth and abroad.  Go to www.swellretreats.com.au if you're pregnant or trying to conceive.

I also love, love, love working with business owners and entrepreneurs who may be self sabotaging their success, are burnt out or lacking motivation. Being in business is full on and can fill a very large component of your head space, Kinesiology is so helpful in helping people overcome fears around failure and success as well as creative blocks. 

how I came to discover kinesiology..

Rockingham- Fremantle-kinesiologist-photo
Rockingham- Fremantle-kinesiologist-photo

The year was 2003 and I was at a work conference in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW. I could not believe my luck having a long weekend away however I was suffering badly from a very stiff neck after traveling a long way. 

During the first day we were split in to groups to attend talks held by health practitioners from a variety of modalities. Much to my dismay I was put into the group that were to hear about Kinesiology. I had absolutely no idea what Kinesiology was, let alone how you even pronounced the word. (It's pronounced Kin-esi-o-logy in case you were wondering) But in I shuffled, me and my sore, stiff neck.

After a quick intro, the Kinesiologist asked if any one in our group had any physical pain? Without hesitation, I had volunteered my body for the demonstration and what would turn out to be a life changing event. I had no idea what was being done to me as I lay on the massage table upfront but to my surprise after the demonstration I felt as if I could turn my head 360 degrees

I was blown away....and absolutely pain-free!

Fast forward to 10 years later I attended an ‘Introductory to Kinesiology’ weekend and fell head over heels in love with kinesiology.

I had found my calling. Hallelujah!

Today through Elevate Kinesiology I offer affordable, natural healthcare solutions using a technique that is gaining worldwide recognition for it's effectiveness and quick results.

I hold an Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology from the O'Neill Kinesiology College in Perth.  I am also registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. I hold a Senior First Aid and Mental Health First Aid certificate, as well as a Working with Children Check.

Feel free to call me for a chat about your health and to book in for your first consultation with me – your energetic kinesiologist in Perth. You can contact me on 0488 753 070.