Treatments for allergies, asthma and strengtheningyour immune system

What if I told you that you can curb your immune system with a holistic and long-term approach to what I call “inner care”?

What if I were to say I can help make this year less full of allergies, colds or asthma attacks… and fill it with a little more of the things that your underperforming immune system was preventing you from doing?

From time to time, you might walk out of the chemist or supermarket with a jar or packet of something different that you’re hoping “will work this time”. More money, little or no results.
Why? Because these remedies are just that – temporary fixes that work on your symptoms instead of the underlying causes.

Think about it!

Are you content with the thought of stocking up on lemon-flavoured sachets next winter because there’s a chance you’ll catch another bug?
Has anything changed since your last flu shot?
How many nasal sprays or antihistamines do you plan to take for your spring allergies?

Kinesiology treatments for allergies and auto immune disorders can help

The kinesiology solution is simple, really.

You need to try less band-aid solutions and temporary recovering and focus on a more permanent, forever and ever recovery!

With kinesiology treatments for allergies and auto immune disorders, you’ll discover the underlying causes to your issues, and stop guessing why your immune system is weak, and why you’re suffering with these symptoms. You’ll see how you can use a natural treatment to positively transform your life.

With kinesiology techniques, I’ll focus on your structural (affecting your nervous system), the chemical (nutrition), and even the mental aspects of your health. All of this will help your body heal itself.

Get your immune system back to its optimum level.

Every person who comes to Elevate Kinesiology to treat their immune system wonders why they had such a weak system. They wanted to know why them, and if it was their genetics or the environment?
Could it be their food choices, clothing, or chemicals?

Most of the time, the answer was that their body needed a RESET.

If this sounds like you, then you will experience a unique type of recovery that improves your immune system and allergies, and makes it much enjoyable for you to be out and about without having to worry about what’s going to make you sick.

You’ll know you’re feeling better when:

  • You no longer suffer from hives, or sneeze so much when you mow the lawn

  • You are able to run around without having an asthma fit

  • You manage to survive winter without catching something nasty

  • You can cuddle your neighbour’s cat and feel so good that you want your own

If you’re feeling clogged up and always sick, then you know it’s time to act NOW.

About your kinesiology treatment plan

When working to restore your immune system, I recommend four kinesiology sessions, each spaced three weeks apart.

When undertaking treatment for asthma and allergies it’s best to allow five to six sessions each three weeks apart.

I’ll also book you in for a follow-up session for six weeks after the last session to see if all issues have been resolved.

Find out more about kinesiology sessions on the FAQs page.

Give me a call on 0488 753 070 to book in for your first consultation today.