General Questions about Your Kinesiology Session

What’s involved in a kinesiology session?

You lie down on your back on a massage table, fully clothed and relaxed, while I assess your body for stress. I will run through a series of energetic pre-checks to ensure your body will give me accurate feedback before starting the session.

How soon can I see you?

I encourage early treatment for speedier recovery and prevention.  Generally speaking, treatment after any structural surgery can commence after you have been given the all clear from your Doctor or 6 weeks after your operation.  Give me a call on 0488 753 070 today.

Are you able to treat me during my first visit?

Definitely. I want to pinpoint your physical pain and resolve your injury and concerns as soon as possible. During your first kinesiology session, I’ll briefly discuss with you your health concerns and then go straight into the treatment. Most treatments require more than one visit, but I will let you know on the day.

How much does a kinesiology session cost?

Please call Belinda on 0488 753 070 for pricing

A consultation last for between 60 - 75 minutes.   Shorter sessions are available for babies, toddlers & children up to 12yrs old at a discounted price for 45 minutes.

For very young children under 4 years old, I can do what is called a surrogate session where I use the body of a parent, relative or older sibling and the child will still receive the benefits.

Sports Kinesiology : Initial consult is 1.5hours long, follow up sessions are 60-75mins long. 
Generally, initial treatments last around 75 minutes. Plan to be with me for just over an hour.

Do I need to bring a GP referral and/or X-Ray?

You don’t need a referral from your GP. However, you can bring along any report or letters your GP has already given in relation to your injury or physical pain. These can include X-rays or MRI reports.

I have Private Medical Insurance – am I covered?

Yes. Although our services are recognised by all the major insurance companies such as BUPA, HBF, AHM and Medibank  as well as CBHS, Credicare, Teachers Health, Australian Unity and Grand United I always encourage that you double-check the level of your cover and the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, just in case. 

What if I miss or cancel my appointment?

My goal is to provide individualised care to all clients in a timely manner. As you will appreciate, no-shows, late arrivals and cancellations inconvenience other individuals who also need access to treatment, therefore a cancellation fee is charged on any missed appointments where notice is given within 24 hours.  

Your kinesiology session is especially reserved for you. However, in fairness to all of my clients, I encourage you to promptly call my office if you are unable to show up for your appointment. I can then reallocate your session to another client is on my waiting list.

How do I cancel my appointment?

If it’s necessary to cancel your session, please provide at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. To cancel, please call Belinda on 0488 753 070. If you are unable to reach myself, please leave a detailed message on the voice mail. To reschedule, please leave your name and phone number, and I will return your call promptly.

How soon can you tell me how many treatments I will need?

After your first consultation, I will be able to determine an estimated number of appointments needed for your case.  Please be aware that this may vary during the course of your treatment depending on your progress. During each visit I’ll assess your progress and let you know how you are going.

Can I book a Home or Workplace visit?

Yes, Kinesiology Information Sessions are available.  Should you wish to find out more about kinesiology and how Elevate Kinesiology can assist, then please feel free to contact me on 0488 753 070 or email at  Or go to the Elevate Kinesiology Facebook page to keep up with the latest

Home and workplace kinesiology sessions are quite popular. Please be aware that the cost may be higher as it can include travel time from the clinic.

I service the Perth Metropolitan area, including Fremantle, Cockburn, Rockingham, Kwinana, Western Australia. Please call me on 0488 753 070 for more details.

Do you deliver information sessions?