Treatments for Hormonal Imbalance

Just imagine being fully alert yet calm.

How about being able to fight fatigue and spark your spirit with an all-natural program with your kinesiologist?

If you’ve been suffering from a reproductive issue like PMS, trouble conceiving, irregular periods or a thyroid problem all of which are linked to hormonal imbalance, Kinesiology can help to reduce your symptoms or eliminate your condition.

This can happen when your body is healthy and well balanced. I will use gentle muscle monitoring and non-invasive techniques to access and correct imbalances in your body.

You’ll know you’re recovering from hormonal imbalance when:

  • You no longer wake up feeling like you’ve just done a night shift

  • Your energy levels are higher and you feel alert

  • Your thyroid problem, adrenal fatigue or other endocrine dysfunction are addressed

  • Your reproductive system is functioning as it should

If you’re too achy to do anythingthen it’s definitely time to restore your body’s stress levels back to normal.

If you feel depleted when waking up, easily suffer from 3.30-itis, or fight heavy eyelids the second you sit down, your batteries are clearly low. This low energy is usually due to a lack of time, as you don’t take time for breaks from work, or life in general, to recharge those batteries.

If this is you then you need to recharge today.

When your hormones are balanced, you have the emotional and physical stamina needed to navigate each and every day.

With energetic kinesiology I’ll alleviate your hormonal imbalance so that you are full of energy, if not always, then at least most of the time.

The treatment will also address any existing thyroid problems, adrenal fatigueor other endocrine dysfunctions that your imbalanced hormones may cause.
This can also address reproductive issues like PMS, irregular periods, infertility, low testosterone, and menopause symptoms.

About your hormonal balance treatment plan

Please allow three to five kinesiology sessions. Each will be spaced three weeks apart.

You will then have a follow-up session six weeks after the final session to confirm that all issues have been resolved. Find out more about kinesiology sessions on the FAQs page.

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