Physical Pain Treatments

Get physical pain treatments and relief from structural problems

If you’ve been suffering from physical pain or muscle tightness, and feel like you can no longer do the fun things you were once able to do – such as playing with the kids and pets, or surfing with your mates - then it’s time to get your life back!

Old or new, there’s a chance that your injuries can be resolved fully

Don’t let that sore back hold you back, and don’t give up if your doctor tells you they can’t help you.

With kinesiology treatments, you will receive a unique kind of care that improves your posture, releases tension, and relieves pain.

With energetic kinesiology, I will use gentle muscle monitoring and non-invasive techniques to access and correct any imbalances in your body.

You’ll know you’re feeling better when:

  • You no longer find it difficult to move around

  • You are able to pick up heavier loads

  • You manage to dance the night away at the next party without tiring as much

  • You feel like you can keep going doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing

If you’re too achy to do anythingthen it’s definitely time to restore your body’s stress levels back to normal.

What often causes physical pain and aches

Lower back pain, joint pain and a stiff neck. The key cause in most cases is stress.

Psychological and emotional stress can easily lead to physical pain and other related illnesses. You may have heard of the “fight-or-flight” response, a reaction where as soon as your mind is challenged or detects a particular stress or fear, there’s a biochemical reaction that happens in your body causing your adrenaline to spike so that your body either reacts (to run from a situation) or tenses up (as you are afraid or nervous).

Your body usually recovers from this, but in cases where you don’t you start to suffer from muscle pain and tension around your neck, shoulders, knees and even your lower back and hips. Some people also suffer from migraines.

With energetic kinesiology, I provide physical pain treatment that alleviate your pain and aim to get rid of other associated issues such as migraines and fatigue.

About your kinesiology treatment plan for physical pain

When working to alleviate physical and structural issues as well as pain I recommend four to six kinesiology sessions each spaced two weeks apart.

A follow-up session will be booked for four weeks after the final session, to help confirm that all issues have been resolved.

Find out more about kinesiology sessions on the FAQs page.

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