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Highly recommend Belinda and just giving it a go! I initially tried this for my toddler who had ear, nose and throat issues and who was constantly getting sick. Belinda worked on his immune system and it worked!   My husband and I now see Belinda for regular sessions 

K. Coleman, Safety Bay

My experience with Belinda has been nothing but amazing. From what started off a year ago with a back injury, to a reoccurring knee injury, to shifting negative energies and inserting goals... I'd recommend everyone to at least try it

S. Renata, Bertram

Thanks Belinda for what you have done for me....I can't recommend Elevate Kinesiology enough. This has been the best experience and am still enjoying my appointments. Make an appointment with Belinda, trust me you won't regret it.

S. Amohia, Wannanup

Following traumatic circumstances at birth, our baby twin boys  were still very much struggling in hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They were both ventilated as the weren't breathing well enough on their own. A week after their birth our sister went to see Belinda, a Kinesiologist who used her as a 'surrogate' to work on the twins, especially focussing on their respiratory system among other things. From that day onwards the twins oxygen levels dramatically improved and they were soon breathing on their own and improving on all levels! The Kinesiology session certainly seemed to kick start a very positive turnaround!
C& W Devine, Safety Bay
Me and my partner had been trying for a baby for nearly a year then I saw Belinda's ad on facebook about kinesiology. I had never heard of it before but it claimed to help with fertility and balancing hormones etc and as I have polycystic ovaries syndrome I thought it would be perfect. The first time I went I had no idea what to expect but trusted Belinda and I would do anything to help the process. I loved it! I thought it was so interesting especially how your body tells her where there is stress and when she pointed certain problems out and things that I was stressed about I was amazed because they were spot on. 4 or 5 sessions later I went to the doctors and found out I was pregnant! I was so happy and have decided to keep getting kinesiology throughout my pregnancy which has really helped with all the problems that come along with pregnancy like morning sickness etc. I recommend kinesiology to anyone struggling with health problems as it has worked wonders for me and the only advice I can give is believe it will work and trust in what she's doing. I did and now I have a beautiful baby on the way!

E. Whitehead, Hilbert

I am using Kinesiology to ease my menopausal symptoms, which I am seeing results immediately.
Belinda makes sure you are comfortable and creates a relaxing atmosphere.
Highly recommend her and her trade to anyone who is experiencing the heat flushes that come with this natural progression for women.
M. Greenfield, Wellard
I had never tried Kinesiology. After my 1st session, I'm feeling amazing. As well as reducing the pain in my shoulder, kinesiology healing has also cleared my mind to think, to feel and to accept lifes journey. I feel fantastic and open, its amazing. I highly recommend it. Try it! 

T. Hobson-Coelho, Hamilton Hill

I have suffered with depression and some PTSD from the defence force for a large part of my life. I first saw Belinda a number of years ago and had an amazing experience of clarity. I recently returned to see her after life had taken a turn on me, and once again, I have come away feeling calmer, enlightened and empowered. I can't thank or recommend her enough. Thank you Belinda

K. Beebe, Rockingham

 I had the best experience and I am a regular now. Not only do my husband and I see Belinda but also our kids. Its helped alot with their concentration, mindfullness and just general well being
I would be happy to recommend anyone to try it
S. Elston, Mandurah