pronounced : kin - esi - o -logy

Energetic kinesiology is a form of energy balancing treatment uniting ancient eastern traditions with modern western science. It addresses physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms of your body, while focusing on maintaining good health and disease prevention.

Who is energetic kinesiology for?

Energetic kinesiology treatments are very gentle, safe, naturaland drug free. I help adults and children who want help with the following:

  • Allergies

  • Adrenal & Chronic fatigue

  • Anxiety, Depression & Stress

  • Business and Entrepreneurial goals
  • Hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, PMS and Thyroid issues

  • Fertility, Pregnancy & clearing Birth Trauma 
  • Learning difficulties

  • Low Energy Levels & Burn Out from Work or Parenthood

  • Physical pain

  • Digestive Issues

  • Weak immunity

  • Sporting injuries & Sports Performance

However -You don’t need to be unwell or experiencing any conditions

While energetic kinesiology treatments help you to address a wide range of health issues, you don’t have to be sick or suffering to visit me. The treatments are useful for bringing positive changes to your mental and physical health and wellbeing as well. It's also fantastic for overcoming any fears or creative blocks around business goals!

What’s involved in energetic kinesiology sessions

If you’re familiar with Chinese acupressure, chiropractic muscle testing and chakras (the spiritual power or energy of your body), you will notice that I use these practices during your treatment.

If things look or sound complicated during your session, don’t worry – I’ll give you as much information to help you understand what is being done. I’ll also give you some ideas to help you achieve and maintain good health.

During your sessions, I look beyond your symptoms to how well the flow of energy within your body is working with every muscle, tissue and organ. This is important for your recovery, because every muscle in your body is connected to your brain. And whenever your brain starts to stress, it can cause your muscles to tense up, pain, and potentially make it difficult for you to function.

Energetic kinesiology uses muscle testing

When you come for your energetic kinesiology session, I will evaluate your energy levels by testing how your muscles function. This is because your muscles reflect your body’s overall state – the structural, chemical and emotional balance within. I use energetic kinesiology to tap into your energies that more conventional techniques tend to overlook.

I’ll use gentle manual muscle monitoring to gain direct feedback from your body so that I can identify your stress patterns, what it is that is causing them, and what treatment to use, so that I can encourage your nervous system to help your subconscious mind recover.

Your customised kinesiology treatment

Depending on your condition, I’ll use various techniques including energetic techniques, sound therapy, acupressure, emotional stress release techniques, muscle stimulation,neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflexes.

I will also introduce you to affirmations to help you embrace your treatment, the positive changes and your goals. By the end of the session, I will have identified what I need to do to help correct the energy flow in your body to restore balance.

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