What is Muscle Monitoring?

At Elevate Kinesiology, I use ‘muscle monitoring’ - also called muscle testing - as a direct communication tool to the subconscious. This helps me discover the underlying cause of stress and potential weaknesses in your body. Muscle monitoring also directs me to the type of corrections required to remove this stress.

Kinesiology can be difficult to get the gist of, so let me explain the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of muscle monitoring.

A muscle response is used primarily as a form of biofeedback. In this function I’m not testing the muscle for its strength but for accessing the integrity of the muscle response such as the muscle going from a locked state to an unlocked state.

The amazing aspect of muscle monitoring is that the response can indicate such a wide variety of stressors such as a physical factor (a sore muscle) because of a disturbance in the function of its related organ system (blocked or restricted lymph/blood flow), a disturbing emotion or thoughtor because of a disturbance in an associated meridian.

An example of how muscle monitoring works

Let’s look at an example.

Say I'm monitoring my husband’s muscle which is in a locked state. I ask him to think about me which triggers his muscle to give in and unlock. This is a sign of stress and it tells me that something has interfered with the integrity of the neurological flow between his muscle and his brain and is preventing normal muscle function. 

Is thinking about me making him stressed?  

Stressors are not always conscious and may be held in the subconscious which is also wired to our muscles. This previously undetected subconscious stress can be the factor producing a block in the neurological flow.  This access into the usually inaccessible realms of your subconscious mind is one of the most powerful aspects of kinesiology.

Some things can instantly be detected as a stressor within your physical-emotional being but at other times it may be something your conscious brain was never aware of until the muscle response made it apparent.

That’s the power of muscle monitoring!

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