Belinda Gallagher Kinesiologist

Hi -  I’m Belinda Gallagher 

a qualified and experienced Energetic Kinesiologist based in Perth 

With most health and wellbeing issues and the failures to meet business and sporting goals, the underlying cause is stress.  Chronic ongoing stress that compounds over the years can trigger ill health, negative emotions, doubts, fears and physical pain.  Our subconscious minds are running some pretty out dated programmes that are not allowing us to thrive.

Kinesiology has the unique ability to overwrite these beliefs and update your subconscious with new and improved operating systems.

At Elevate Kinesiology I’m passionate about helping people improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wouldn't you like to live a life where you're free from the shackles of your fears, childhood traumas and negative belief systems? 

Wouldn't you like to live a life where you have the choice to choose how you respond instead of react?

Do you want a life where you're healthy, you're taking action and moving forward with balance and purpose?

Sounds great to me!

As a master at making minds and bodies work as naturally as possible, I will work with you to achieve your goals whatever they be.

To get started find out more about energetic kinesiology.

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